Academic Luncheon Directions

The Academic Luncheon will be held at the 
Penn Run Christian Outreach Center 
Grace Church Road
Penn Run, PA 15765

Directions from HCHS
1. Proceed 119 North to the 422 East Ebensburg Exit
2. On 422 Proceed Approximately 7 miles to the Route 553 East Penn Run Exit
    Note: Do not take the Chestnut Ridge Road Exit, the Penn Run Exit is the second exit
3. On 553 proceed 2.8 miles to Grace Church Road (left turn)
4. Once you turn on Grace Church Road go up a very short hill and turn at first right
5. The Outreach Center is immediately on your left after the right turn 

Other land marks
The Outreach Center is directly behind the Penn Run Brethren Church
There is one main road in Penn Run (553) 
There are three churches on this road and all three churches are on the left side
1. The 1st Church is immediately as you enter town, Wesleyan Church
2. The 2nd Church is in the middle of town, Presbyterian Church
3. The 3rd Church is the Brethren Church

If you go past the Y that splits the road to Penns Manor or Clymer you have gone to far.
The Ark Kids Day Care is at the Y with a big turn around on your right.