HS Teachers

The following is a list of our high school teachers. All our teachers can be reached via email using the initial of their first name and their full last name followed by @homercenter.org. (For example teacher  john doe would be jdoe@homercenter.org). Our teachers are expected to respond to parent and student email inquiries within 48 hours. 

Parents and students with specific questions related to grades, classroom expectations, assignments (classroom level issues) are encouraged to first contact the teacher who holds the information desired. If more clarification is required then contacting a high school administrator would be the next step. 

English Language Arts        Mathematics           Science                    Social Studies        Learning Support                  
Deanne Magolis                     Sarah Cook               Lisa Adams              Chris Yurky              Bill Tonkin
Suzanne Parfitt                       Mark Butler               Anthony Buffone       Christina Bruno       Cindy Scott
Kim Dunlap                             Greg Page                Brenda Viazanko      Rob Stossel            Tammy Buffone
Heather Lowry                        Jordan Alsop             Brad Adams             Steven Hall              Eric Misko
Ruth Yatzkanic                        
Suzanne Rura    

Health & Physical Education    Electives                        Student Services
Karen Woods                               Vicki Olinger                    Kristin Curci (Guidance Counselor)
Mark Pangonis                             Gary Wyant                     Lisa Golec (School Nurse)
Cindy Andrie                                John Stolarz                    Matt Rodkey (Admin HC Academy of Choice)
                                                     Andy Kent                       Jody Rainey (High School Principal)                                          
                                                    Charles Kirkland              Beth Genchur (Director Special Education)