District VI Guidelines for Spectators

To help ensure that sporting behavior contributes to the event, rather than distracts from it, the following guidelines for student cheering sections and general fan behavior is offered. The suggestions are merely guidelines for the school of District VI to consider for regular season events, but WILL be enforced in all District Six championships.

Acceptable Behavior
  • Clothes appropriate within district dress code
  • Face Paint in school colors limited to school insignias on cheek
  • Applauding and cheering for your team during introductions, the contest and post-game handshakes.
  • Signs that support your school team (where possible, signs should be fastened to the wall)
  • Waving of towels
  • Accepting all decisions of the officials with respect
  • Staying in assigned student cheering section
  • Highly visible game management, including an adult chaperon with organized cheering sections

Unacceptable Behavior
  • Shirtless and undergarments exposed or worn as outer garments. Wearing clothes that would not be appropriate or acceptable for school.
  • Full face paint or masks/hats that hide student identity. Face paint in colors other than school colors.
  • Derogatory cheers, chants, songs, actions or gestures directed toward opposing teams, their fans, or the officials, including pre-game and introductions.
  • Booing and heckling an officials decision.
  • Sitting in, taunting or approaching opponents' designated student section, team or fans with the intent to cause a disturbance. Fans should NOT go onto the field or court after the game.
  • Noise-makers (for indoor events) - cowbells, aerosol horns, sirens, and whistles. Both the presence and use of balloons, vuvuzelas, and portable listening devices (without earphones) are prohibited. The Principal and Athletic Director of each school will be requested to confiscate these items from the spectators from their school and community.
  • Any behavior that draws the attention away from the players and contest, including (but not limited to) inappropriate gestures, signs, cheers, and noise-makers.
  • Standing up for the whole contest, which could obstruct another person's view. (unless prior arrangements have been made with the game manager).