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Bactronix In High School Library


Throughout the last two years we have utilized the company, Bactronix, to assist us in maintaining a safe school air environment.  All of our air samples have been well within the range of safety.  Currently, in our high school library, we have books that show concern with age damage and deterioration.  This, coupled with the extreme moisture experienced this summer, has increased the speed of deterioration of some of the books. 

To combat this problem, we will again have Bactronix, a professional mold remediation company, on site on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (October 15, 16 & 17) to treat as many books as possible through remediation, destroy the books that cannot be saved, and then treat the entire library with air scrubbers.  An environmentally safe biocide will be applied to books that show any issues of deterioration or mold.  This biocide does have an odor and smells, so that application will begin in the late afternoon on Monday.  Cleaning of books and the shelves they are on will also occur Monday and Tuesday.  A HEPA vacuum will be used to clean the library shelves on Monday and Tuesday.  On Tuesday and Wednesday they will use air scrubbers to clean the air for as much time as necessary.  Additional air samples will be taken following the work on the library next week.  All measures will be taken to keep our air quality and environment safe for everyone.

Bactronix is an unbiased independent and inspection company.  They utilize SEEML (Southeast Environmental Microbiology Laboratories) for evaluation of all samples.  We trust that their work will remediate the issue and we can save many of the books in the school collection.  No students or employees will be allowed in the high school library during this work being done by Bactronix.