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Learning Support 8

The Learning Support Program at Homer-Center High School is a needs-driven program. The individual needs of each identified student are taken into consideration and a schedule is tailored to meet these needs.
The following are the levels of support offered:
● Student receives all instruction in the regular education classroom. There is no learning support staff in the classroom. The regular education teachers make adaptations as specified in Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s). Opportunity for test-taking and guidance with assignments is provided in the Learning Support Resource Room.
● Student receives instruction in the regular education classroom with Learning Support staff present in the classroom. Above services also provided.
● Student receives instruction in a pull out classroom setting that parallels the regular education classroom. Courses are instructed by qualified special education teachers. The Learning Support Program is structured in such a way that each staff member interacts with students of all grade levels. This provides the opportunity to have a strong team approach for monitoring and programming to best meet the needs of our students. In addition, student needs are revisited yearly through the development of an Individualized Education Program for each student.  Students will receive assistance with homework, projects, time management, organization, tests read aloud and supported so that they are maximizing support in the high school and can experience success.