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H-C Students Win PA Bar Association Art Competition

HOMER CITY: Homer-Center seniors Ayannah Elliott and Alysa George were interviewed by the President of the PA Bar Association. The two senior girls competed in the 2022 PA Bar Association Law Day Chalk Contest. For the second consecutive year, Homer-Center students won the state-wide competition.

The students produced a very creative drawing, with the use of the watches, and symbolizing the evolution of the country over the years.

The girls submission is attached to this article, and you can view their interview here:


More About the Competition:

Law Day is held every May 1 throughout the nation to celebrate the rule of law. It was established in 1958 by President Dwight Eisenhower to mark the nation’s rule of law and codified by Congress in 1961. Law Day underscores how the law and the legal process contribute to the freedoms that all Americans share. Law Day also provides an opportunity to recognize the role of courts in democracy and the importance of jury service to maintaining the integrity of the courts.

Each year, the American Bar Association designates a Law Day theme and provides free resources and materials to assist bar associations and lawyers in planning law day events such as educational community forums and school visits.

The Law Day theme that the ABA has chosen for 2022 is “Toward a More Perfect Union: The Constitution in Times of Change.” The ABA’s theme recognizes that the “Constitution is a dynamic document, as it not only outlines a blueprint for government, but also delegates power, articulates rights, and offers mechanisms for change. It is neither perfect, nor exhaustive, as our nation’s history makes clear. Legislation, court rulings, amendments, lawyers, and “we the people” have built upon those original words across generations to attempt to make the “more perfect Union” more real.” Pennsylvania has traditionally commemorated Law Day by focusing on educating students about the rule of law. Through classroom visits by lawyers and judges and an outstanding set of free law-related lesson plans prepared for K-College classrooms, the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation, Pennsylvania Bar Association and county bar associations across the commonwealth work with schools to educate children about their legal rights and responsibilities in the new millennium. Lawyers can choose to focus on discussing the annual ABA theme, their own career and experience as a lawyer, or discussing topics designated by the schools. The free lessons and materials are designed to be informative and engaging for all students.

We are pleased to share that the PBA 2021 Law Day Chalk Art program was one of 12 Law Day programs selected and recognized by the American Bar Association! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Law Day program and helped make it a success! Law Day is funded by the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation.