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Homework Help


At some point we all need extra help.  At HCHS we have many avenues to provide extra help for our students. 

BUG Period (School Wide Study Period)-BUG Period is held every day from 7:45-8:26 a.m.  Student who need extra help on homework, understanding taught concepts, making up test or other academic needs can seek passes from any teacher and get the specific assistance needed.  Teachers who find students struggling in their class or who need to make-up assignments can BUG students to come to their room to receive needed assistance. 

Evergreen After School Club- Boys and Girls Club operates Monday-Thursday in the high school.  Students attending club participate in Power Hour that is geared to help students with homework or to provide high yield enrichment activities for our students.  On Tuesday and Thursday B&G Club provides an extended Power Hour for students needing more help.  Students are also provided with a snack and transportation home.  All students are required to submit an application to be a member of B&G Club.   

Teacher Appointments- Many of our teachers will come early and stay late to help our students.  The appointment needs to be arranged with the individual teacher. 

Student Assistance Program (SAP)- Many people view SAP strictly for Drug and Alcohol issues.  However, SAP is to help remove barriers for students in order for them to achieve to their academic, physical and mental well-being.  The SAP team is comprised of staff who have been trained to determine root cause for student  issues and to find student strengths to help the student achieve success. Teachers, students, parents or anyone with concern for a student can refer that student to our SAP team.  All information is confidential and our goal is to to, when necessary, is to connect the family and community resources together to best meet the need of the child.