Homer-Center Senior Student Recognized by IBPD

HOMER CITY - There are many different organizations that are recognized each year, from nurses, to doctors, to teachers, to secretaries, and countless others.  Monday, January 9, 2023 was National Law Enforcement Day.  As such, through a collaboration with Ms. Bruno (who teaches law classes and frequently has me
Chief Schawl & Joe Succheralli
mbers of that community in as guest speakers), the media department produced a video recognizing those members of the law enforcement community, and thanking them for their service.  That video was largely completed by senior Joe Succheralli.  
The video was then shared out with all law enforcement agencies in the area, and through those local contacts, it also was shared out into surrounding counties in the area.  The video garnered a lot of attention from the community, as different members reached out to teachers in the high school to thank them 
for the video.  
Recently Indiana Borough Police Chief, Justin Schawl, sent a letter of appreciation to Ms. Bruno, and was in to speak to one of her classes.  During that visit, Cheif Schawl recognized Joe, and presented him with an IBPD Challenge Coin.  These coins got their start in branches of the armed services, and filtered into local law enforcement agencies.  They are awarded to individuals by high ranking officials of different agencies.  The coins are mutually understood as a symbol of valuations to one another on the streets—a modern-day feat made more difficult and dangerous by antithetical notions of policing in America.  In the case of the IBPD, they only had 150 made, and will not be reproducing them, making this a very nice honor.
The letter that that was received by Chief Schawl is attached, along with a link to the video that was created.  
If you're interested in learning more about the challenge coin, check out this website:

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